• Streamlined

    Automatically generate a best fit timetable based on Tutor availability, Student availability & Room availability.

    Simple process for music peripatetics to record music lesson attendance.

  • Payroll

    Automatically link lessons to a teacher's timesheet and payroll.

  • Integrations

    Includes integration with your school management system.


Private Independent School - WA

Our tutors found entering their lesson times into SEQTA Tutor to be very time consuming, and there was no way for them to exclude certain students from rotations if they had a fixed lesson time each week. Once lessons were cloned for the term, there was no way to edit the term and tutors had to manually fix each week. In order for lessons to show up in SEQTA Teach, tutors were not able to edit lessons on the day and had to go through Administration, which was another frustration. There is no way to mark the roll in SEQTA Tutor so tutors had to mark the roll on paper and then enter their timesheets manually.

We started searching for solutions to these issues and were struggling to find a system that could cope with the intricacies of music lesson scheduling and rotating timetables. Creating an appealing work environment for our music tutors is very important so we wanted to find a solution to these frustrations that kept cropping up.

We looked at a couple of other music management systems but couldn’t find one with the detailed level of functionality that Paperly had. Being able to enter a list of times when individual students couldn’t have lessons, and also enter fixed lesson times, has been a game-changer.

Paperly takes all of our tutor and student availability data and then creates a rotating timetable for the entire term which accommodates individual student exceptions. Being able to mark the roll and generate attendance reports in one place is even better, and Paperly integrates with so many other platforms too. The clean look of the timetables is very appealing, and the ability for parents and students to also log into Paperly to view their lesson timetable is fantastic.

Once I realised just how customisable Paperly is, I was blown away.

Paperly is based here in Perth and they respond very quickly to all queries. Many larger software companies take weeks to solve problems and don’t allow individual customisation of their products.

Working with Paperly has been eye-opening in terms of their willingness to make the client happy and their flexibility on product design. We have been able to customise every section of our Music module to our satisfaction and Paperly have been supportive every step of the way, finding ways to create what we asked for.

Our tutors are excited to have lessons created for them and everything (attendance, student information etc.) in one place. I am eagerly recommending Paperly to my Music colleagues at other schools and we are looking forward to expanding our partnership with Paperly into some of the other modules they offer. With more technology on offer than ever before, schools are often using so many platforms at the same time that teachers and parents find it hard to access all the information they need in one place. Paperly aims to change that and we are very interested in finding out more!


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